We come

For years, Nel and the insurgent Headless Sixx have resisted the enigmatic god-like authority of Oswald and his army of living mascots.

Yet, the ripples of rebellion have always been swiftly routed out and crushed. But when whispers circulate that Ozwald's protégé, a bratty child named Ozzie, could hold the secret to his power, a wildfire ignites within Nel that may prove impossible to control -- the time is now!
Fuelled by reckless ambition and blind hope, Nel concocts a daring plan to kidnap the boy. But when her scheming catches the eye of Hadley, a seemingly hapless old drunk with a shrouded past, a grand misadventure begins.

It's a ticket to a maelstrom of violent chaos and a fight that feels rigged against them from the start. Born from Ozwald's deranged mind, the city's larger-than-life mascots bear down with escalating ferocity and spectacle.

Weaving between relentless perils are fleeting glimpses behind the grand façade and bone-chilling secrets that hold the key to Nel's lifelong feelings of angst and otherness in the only home she's ever known.